I am still working, but it is slow going

Hi all, the book is still moving along but I have been editing and re-editing the America portion. I am close to pleased with it. The Paris portion is lacking a lot and I haven’t even started on the London portion. The thoughts are in my head, I just need to get them out. I did do some serious writing and editing these past couple of weeks, but I have a long way to go. Think I have added some more character building for Vida and she is becoming more realistic, I just need to work on the men in her life. I can’t say I understand men anymore than men can say they understand women, but I am considering adding the males’ points of view in the story. That is going to take a lot of research on my part to find out if my guy friends would actually say, feel, or admit to the feelings and actions I write. I find it hard to believe any of them would be truthful with me, but I don’t want to write a male perspective like romance novels do inferring that the ugly girl can attract the hot, chiseled guy with her awkwardness. The book is supposed to be “real” so I need all the good, bad, and ugly to ring true. I am planning to do another big edit and a lot of writing this weekend, so hopefully I will have a much better update on Sunday or Monday. Thanks for reading, stay tuned!


About andishehcollins

I am a mother, a widow, FIAT lover & owner, voracious reader, puzzle lover, and a published author.
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